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Hey blog!!! Miss me?

Yeah! Right now I am online at home!!! Home sweet home! I arrived at the LCCT Airport yesterday around 4 pm. I'm supposed to arrived at the airport 1320 pm but because my flight have been delayed till 1450 pm that why I arrived at the LCCT 4 pm. Anyway I feel so happy when I already meet my mom. My mom waited for me at the arrival. So happy when I get back here in Klang. :)

Now I am online using my dad laptop. Why? Because my laptop are already admitted in the hospital. Hahahaha... pity u my lappy :'( Miss to use my dad laptop. Right now I am using it. Since I already have my own laptop now my brother is using my dad laptop.

Hey! Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner. This year I am going to celebrate my first raya at Raub. I'm going back to Raub this Monday. Because my dad said he want to do lemang with my uncle. It be so long we never did the lemang since my grandmother sick. But that is the plan from my dad and my uncle.

Okey until here only.


Adios!!! Bye!!!


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