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Hye Blog!!!!! :)

Hurm!!! I think today post will be the shortest post among the others post in my blog. Coz' I dunno what to post right now. But I have a great story to share with. Yeah!!! A story to share with all. When we happy of course sharing a good story will make us more happy. Am I right? :)

Right, after we finish our BEL class, My friends and I having 'buka puasa' outside. The whole class is there. I'm having my 'buka puasa' with rice, tomyam and egg. Hehehehehe..... I'm really full! Burp!!! Oops! Sorry :) Yeah!!! Its fun having 'buka puasa' with friends. Not just that, we took lots of pictures.... Hahahahaha.... Lots of pose I can see from my friends... Hahahaha.... It makes me feel wanna laugh out loud!!! LOL!!!!

Oh yeah!!! It just left 8 days more for me to go home.... Yabedabedu!!!! Miss home sweet home. Miss my room, my winnie the pooh and my bed!!! Yeah!!! Miss everything... Oh yeah! There is someone special that I really miss so,so,so MUCH!!! Wanna know?


I Miss my Cats!!!!!

My goodness fara!!! Why did u brought down your travel bag so damn early?... Hahahha... I already ready my bag to pack my stuff. Come on 8 days is just around a corner... List-To-Do already set in my mind. But this time I never bring back lots of stuff. If not I need to pay tax by myself. Hahahaha.....

Oh yeah! Before that I wanna wish Salam Nuzul Quran to all.....

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


Bye!!!! Adios!!!

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