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Hye blog!!! Miss me?

This is my second post for August. Well today my story about what I do from this morning till I'm going to bed after this. Hurm!!!! Hope that this month of August is a lucky month for me. Yeah!!! Lucky month? I don't why I call a month of August for this year is the bestest month ever.

Well, lets start my story.....

This morning i'm having my 'sahur' at 5 o'clock in the morning with maggi hot cup and oligo 3 in 1!! Well, my stock of bread already finish. So, it just left maggi hot cup in my cupboard. It doesn't matter... well campus life!!!! After waiting for the subuh prayer, i'm online on facebook. At the same time i'm editing my Kesatria logo picture using picnik. I also upload lots of raya song from Hahaha... :D

Afterthat, i'm straight back dating with my pillow and winnie the pooh untill 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Hahahahaha!!!! This is my first time I wake up very late here in UiTM. So, I'm rushing to the washroom to take my bath!!! Hahahahahha.... Fara!!!Fara!!!Fara!!! :D What to do i'm so sleepy after editing the photo and also upload all the raya songs...

Well, I'm in the washroom for one hour!!! Ahaks!!! Is it so long??? Yeah! Damn long.... Well, since the first fasting month Kelantan is not raining. So hot!!! Hurm!!! How about in Klang? Is it raining or sunny?

Well, in the evening I'm going out with my friends to print out our assignment for tomorrow class. Yeah! Need to submit tomorrow. Then, we went and buy food for 'buka puasa' at Sigai. Hahaha.... but 'bazaar' will never miss. Today lots of 'gerai' didn't open. So, I don't have lots of choice to buy food and drinks. Moreover, the fruits stall also closed. Huhuhuhuhu... :(

So, after having my 'buka puasa' I'm having a group study with my friends. prepare ourself for BEL 120 presentation for tomorrow. Hurm!!!! I think i'm ready for tomorrow.... :) Bbasyah!!! Chaiyok!!!

Okey, till now only my story for today!!! Enjoy!!!


Adios!!! Bye!!!

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