Morning Blog!!!!

Right, today post is just a random post from me. Post about yesterday what i'm doing. Oh Yeah! First for all, Morning to all followers who follow me.

Yesterday i'm having a grammar test for BEL120. Yeah! 50-50 from me. Hahaha... Hope can score. The are slightly different from Grammar test in school. But actually i'm forgot everything about grammar. Think so... Huhuhuhu..... this mean I already done all the test for BEL 120 subject. Last week I sit for listening test and speaking test... Easiest than grammar test. Huhu...

Yesterday evening, my friends and I when to 'Bazaar' in Machang. Lots of foods...... Makes my stomach starving. feels like wanna buy everything. But I need to budget. I bought Kuey Tiaw Sup and Watermelon juice for my 'buka puasa', Bubur lambuk for my supper and Murtabak Ayam for my 'sahur'. Emmm... Yummy!!! Isn't it!!!! Anyway just left how many days for me having my fasting here. After this I'm going to finish my fasting month at HOME!!!! Yeepiii...... Can't wait for that moment..... So Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

Okey!!! Till here only..


Bye!!! Adios!!!


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