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Mownink blog!!!

Hey, first for all I want to share with my blog that i'm really tension right now. Yeah!!! This week i'm really tension. Feels like I want to quit my studies but, when I think about it back it... Yeah! is okey if I just continue it.... What bring me so tension this week is... need to submit my co-curriculum assignment, my IMD 101 final project and many more plus with now is a fasting month and it was so damn hot here in Kelantan. Everything is not right with me... Almost 2 days I never had a good sleep.

Well, all this week i'm having a test for every each subject.... Listening test, Speaking test, IMD 101, IMD 103 all done!!! Just left IMD102, MGT and Grammar test... Phewww!!! Lucky that's 3 subject didn't make my head blown out. Hahahaha... :) But still a reading subject only BEL I can release my mind. Hua!!! I wanna go home!!!!!! So tension..... Huhu:(

Hey!!! 15 days left for me to get out from here. Raya time!!!! I'm going back on the 25th of August, 1220 pm from KB tu LCCT... My mom will fetch me there... Yahoo!!!!! I can release my tension at home. Shopping for raya!!!! Having a nice sleep in my room with air-cond... So nice.... :) Wake up late.... Hehehehe.. :)

Oh yeah!!! I just read a newspaper yesterday. There is lanslide happen in cameron Highlands. But there is 2 days ago. That's mean I never read or even touch a newspaper since I enter the university. Hahahaha... :) Pity them :'(

Hurm!!! Okey untill here only...


Adios!!! Bye!!!


  1. hahahaha.... well, raya punya pasal!!! x sabar nak balik nie... Jumpe kat raub ek!