mownink post!!!!


Hey blog!!! Morning!!! What a lovely Sunday morning!!! :)

Weeeee.... :) I'm so happy today!!!! Can I share my happiness with all? Hurm!!! What bring me so happy is already finish my IMD 102 assignment. Need to submit today but my class has been cancel. Anyway, I already settle everything. Yesterday I sleep around 1.30 am in the morning to edit and touch-up my assignment. Its really worth it. Hope my assignment not been rejected for the 2nd time. This time my assignment already reach 34 pages. Damn thick!!! What to do.... Student life!

Yeepii!!!!! 4 days to go. This Thursday i'm flying back to Klang. My flight depart from the Pengkalan Chepa Airport on 1220 pm. I'll reach LCCT Airport around 1320 pm. Ummi will fetch me at the airport after school ends. So, I need to wait for my ummi at the airport. This is my first time i'm taking a flight o fasting month. How do I feel ride a flight on fasting month. Yeah! If before this I always have drink in a flight. But now no more!!! Hehehe... I'll returned to machang on the 4th of September. Only one week holidays for me to celebrate my raya with my family in Klang. That's not enough!!!!

Everything change right now. No more following my parents visiting our relatives every raya. Coz' I already back in Machang. No more I can feel a guest caome to my house to celebrate raya. Coz' I already back in Machang. Everything is NO MORE!!! Huhuhu :'(

Hurm!!! That one week I will appreciate that. Why? Because I will enjoy it with my family and cousin. Now is really hard to meet my cousin. If before I can visit my cousin once a month. but now no more. If before my parents and I always go for a mamak stall every Friday night. But now no more. Everything NO MORE!!!!

Hurm!!! I don't to write it anymore... It make me feel so sad!!!! :'(

Okey than till here only!!! Enjoy!!!


Adios!!! Bye!!!!


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