Hurm!!! Yeah! I forget to update my dear blog for this month! Well, too busy with my final project and also over and over assignment that still never end! Hahahaha... that is student life! Anyway I still have time for my dear blog!

Hey, Blog! Miss me?

First for all, It already August!!! Time running so fast. Even I can realize that it already August! Well, that mean already half a month i'm far away from my dear family. Continuing my study in Uitm Machang, Kelantan in Information Management. Hurm!!! So far......

Oh yeah!!! For 2011. August also a fasting month! Anyway this is my first time i'm fasting far away from my family. First time fasting over here, I feel so weird! Well, all this time i'm having my fasting with my family. But now.... Everything by myself.

First time having 'sahur' without my family. First time having 'sahur' without cereal and fresh milk. First time having sahur without hearing ayah wake me up for 'sahur'. First time having 'sahur' with maggi hot cup and bread. First time I go use my own money for this fasting month. First time I buy my own food for 'buka puasa'. First time I go to 'bazaar' without ummi. And this is my first time I'm not having my 'buka puasa' with ayah, ummi and adik!!! Huhuhuhuhu.... miss all the moments with them!!!

Alright, August also is a my favorite month! Want to know why? Because August is month of independence for Malaysia. Yeah!!! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!!! This first second time fasting month fall on month of independence. Malaysia are going to celebrate 54th year of independence. Whoa!!!! Proud to be Malaysian. Malaysia are now getting modern from one year to another year. Getting famous. Become a spot for the tourist for other country. Yeah!!! Be proud with our own country.... 31st August just not to far.... lets us fly the Jalur Gemilang!!!

Hurm! What important event for me this August!!! Yeah! Almost forgotten to wish Happy Birthday! to my schoolmate + classmate Siti Salma who celebrate her birthday on 6th August! Happy Birthday! Hahahahaha... already 18 years old!! We getting older!!!

Hurm!! I till here my story.


Adios!!! Bye!!!

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