Battle of the SOCIAL NETWORKS....

A battle between Facebook vs MySoace vs Twitter.

Member : Over 500 million users and counting!
Features : It puts the 'social' in social networking cuz' making friends is just a click away. You get updaes every time you sign in so you're constantly in the loop.

Privacy: If you're not big on letting the whole world know you're crushing on a new guy, just adjust your privacy settings. The cool thing about changing your privacy setting is that your "friends" don'tget a notice if you keep them on limited profiles.

We love it cuz': Everyone's on it! It's also got everything from games to a chat application! It even lets you stand up for your rights by creating groups and you can get people on the bandwagon.

Members: Over 200 million users with 230000 new registration daily.
Features: It's been around for a while but it hasn't lost its flavour. It's more than just a social network it's a pool for all things entertainment related. Best part? Musicians love this site.

Privacy: Like everything else, all you have to do is change your settings. Though if you want to get discovered, go for the public setting so everyone can see your talent.

We love it cuz': If it weren't for MySpace we wouldn't be enjoying such awesome singers like Colbie Caillait and Lily Allen.

Members: Over 6 million registerd users!
Features: Think of it as a quick insight to everyone's thought bubbles. The col thing, is you don't have to even tweet and you'll still be updated, simply by following them!

Privacy: Just tick the box that says 'protect your tweets'. That turns your tweets from public to private.

We love it cuz': Celebs are crazy over it! You can choose to follow tweets from people like Kim Kardashians to Anderson Cooper. Suddenly it feels like you're that much closer, or even hanging out with your fave celeb!


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