8 Skincare Myths Busted! part 1

1) Baby Oil Is The Best Make-Up Remover
=) we can't deny that baby oil can help remove some of the most stubborn make-up, but there
is a reason why baby oil is sold as baby oil- to moisturise your baby's skin. Too much of this
can clog your pores and even worse, make your skin oily if you don't cleanse properly. So what
you should be using is proper make-up remover or facial wipes.

2) The Cleaner My Skin, The Better
=) many people think that the more you cleanse your skin, the better it gets. But what we don't
realise is that whilst dirt and impurities are removed, over-cleansing can lead to dry and
sensitive skin. Twice daily, day andnight, is all you need really

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